About Us

REO America® is a distressed real estate asset management firm specializing in maximizing recoveries through renovations and creative liquidations. We service portfolios of delinquent and defaulted liens, loans, and owned real estate assets from first notice of delinquency through to their final disposition.

We are not simply administrators, we have experienced professionals in the areas of: a) foreclosure processing, b) possession acquisition, c) construction management, and d) real estate marketing. Collectively, our team has more than 80 years of experience with distressed real estate. This experience gives REO America® clients the most options for liquidation.

Core Beliefs:

  1. Anyone who can afford to stay in their home should be allowed to stay. We are not here to strip property from anyone. The unfortunate, but necessary, situations are those where property owners desperately want to keep their property, yet they have no financial means to do so. We process foreclosures while maintaining balance of compassion and grace with accountability and time management.

  2. Information is king! Investors/Lenders/our clients can make the best decisions only when they have the most information possible. For every improved property, we gather extensive due diligence and we provide an analysis containing multiple exit strategies. This comprehensive yet concise report walks clients through the costs, timeline, and eventual recovery of each exit strategy. Our analyses are backed by sold and listed comparable sales data.

  3. With REO, time is the enemy. From the moment it is obvious that our client will likely be the owner of the property, the clock starts ticking against us. In most cases, without major renovations, distressed properties will deteriorate faster than they appreciate. Therefore, time management of every processes is critical. We push our vendors to perform quality work in reasonable timeframes and for reasonable prices.